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Celebrate each other’s success


By Benson Amanya

Benson Amanya

We live in the times when many friendships continue to end unceremoniously simply because friends cannot contain and celebrate each other’s success.
Jealousy and envy seem to take the place of genuine love and appreciation for each other.
When did we lose the pleasure and delight of having successful friends around us? Truth be told, it never hurts and it has never been any hurting to have successful people around you.
We need to get over the feeling that we have to always measure up to the people around us. There will always be people in your circle who will get to the next step of success before you.
When we stop feeling jealous and actually start celebrating other people’s victories, we will start to recognise patterns of behavior that lead to success.
By internalizing what different people do to achieve their goals and recollecting which strategies work and which do not, we then gain a better understanding of what is required to move ourselves forward.
Do you ever compare your life with your friends instead of celebrating with them? Are you dealing with unnecessary insecurities that someone else has or is about to take your place? Wait a minute, no one is taking your position.
Stay away from the ‘lack mentality’ and transit to ‘abundance mentality’.
There are enough opportunities for us all to flourish if only we stopped limiting ourselves to what others have achieved. We still live in a world of abundance.
The good news here is, each one of us is endowed with different natural abilities and potential that manifest in the physical stunning outcomes.
We cannot fight a battle against each other’s natural abilities and win. Yes, we may have similar experiences, but results may be different. We ought to celebrate such uniqueness and move forward together.
Relationships and personal bonds should not suffer at the expense of our quest to be the top performer.
Celebration of other people’s success is positivity in action. Their success is a source of motivation and hard work to us.
A Successful environment nurtures successful people. Success is contagious. Tap into that network of successful people and success will inevitably become your portion too.

The writer is a youth minister and student of Theology at Uganda Christian University-Mukono.


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