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Chicken gizzard gravy recipe


By Lilian Ntege

Chicken gizzards are one of the popular foods that are seriously enjoyed throughout the world.

They are tiny muscles that are found and cut from the digestive tract of chickens.

The gizzard is normally used to grind up the foods that the chicken eats.

These gizzards are normally low in fat and if taken in a very high rate, they can help to increase iron levels and zinc consumption in the body.

Iron helps the body to form Red blood cells that help improve on the immune system.

A student chef Irene Mahoro takes us through the process of preparing chicken gizzards.

– 1kg Chicken gizzards
– 2 table spoons of cooking oil
– 3 garlic cloves
– 1 big Onions
– 2 big Tomatoes
– 1 tea spoon black pepper
– ¼ red pepper
– 1 carrots
– ¼ green pepper
– ¼ yellow pepper
– 1 table spoon Royco
– 1 tea spoon Salt
– Chicken cubes
– Chicken curry masala

Ready chicken gizzards.

– First wash thoroughly your chicken gizzards, and make sure they are clean.

– Put the gizzards in your pan with water, add 2 pieces of whole garlic and salt, put on fire and let it boil for like 40 minutes till ready.

– When ready, separate the soup from the gizzards and let them cool.

– Chop your carrots, onions, tomatoes and all peppers.

– Heat your pan, add in your cooking oil, when heating, you can add in your onions, stir fry for like 2 seconds.

– Add in your gizzards and stir fry till golden brown but make sure they do not dry, it is better to cook on medium heat.

– You can now add in your other ingredients at once then stir till the tomatoes are well dissolved.

– After, add in a little water and let it boil for less than 10 minutes.

– You can now dissolve your Royco, chicken cubes, chicken curry masala and blackpepper powder in a little water and add it in your boiling gizzards.

– After 10 minutes you can now serve.

Gizzards go well with mashed potatoes, matooke, pilau rice or even chips, or any meal of your own choice.


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