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Church attendance impacts mental health-new report


Even with the pandemic, which has propagated high negative circumstances, a report by Gallup Survey found that people who attend Church services on a weekly basis continue to fair better than non-churchgoers.

The survey concluded that faith had a positive role during pandemic.

Attending Church and prayer are important psychological support tools that we all need in our lives. (Photo/NRP)

The study, which was published in December 2021, found that weekly churchgoers topped the 14 subgroups on mental and emotional health, with 44 per cent of weekly churchgoers rating their own mental or emotional wellbeing as “excellent”.

The poll was conducted among 815 individuals, 18 years and older, residing in all 50 states of America and the District of Columbia, during the course of the week beginning November 1 and ending November 16, 2021.

The report observed that the mental and emotional health remains at a 21-year low, driven by Covid-19 that led to widespread lockdowns and job loss.

It is important for all Christian believers to attend Church services always. (Photo/Daily Dispatch)


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