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Fighting temptations


By Sarah Kyomugisha

I started the year with unfriendly criticisms from my boss, and I am not certain whether it was my ego, confidence or anger, but from all this, I ended up quitting my job.

For someone from a humble background, with limited connections, making it hard to get a job, this would be one of the most unwise things to do.

I believe I should be happy and have a peace of mind while at work, so I made the choice to leave.

However, I am still questioning my decision; I do not know whether I made the right choice by quitting or was it just a temptation and I fell prey?

Temptations are some of the dares we live with, and the challenge is how we handle such situations that may lead us into sin or regret.

For those that studied Christian Religious Education, there was a topic, ‘conflicting loyalties’, and I relate temptations to such situations.

In this situation, you are at a crossroads, torn between making two choices.

In Genesis, the fall of man was a result of Eve being tempted by Satan, leading to sin. Up to date, we are living to see the fate and impacts of these temptations.

Temptations are part of this world and many great men in the Bible have been tempted.

For instance, Job was harshly tempted when he lost his property and family; he had to choose to trust in God or turn to Satan (Job 1).

In Luke 4:1-11, we also see Jesus being tempted by Satan.

So, the big question is: what brings these temptations? Is it Satan, or perhaps it is God trying to test our faith and see whether we are faithful to His will?

Sometimes I believe that we lead ourselves into temptation. For instance, the choice of dressing.

Indecent dressing in public would ultimately lead to lustful choices like adultery, fornication and more.

The fight
Recently I was watching Pastor Wilson Bugembe preach. He demonstrated the life of God as a rock and people as a knife that constantly needs sharpening from this rock.

This clearly shows that in this life that is full of temptations, we need God to lead us to the right way.

Ephesians 6: 10-20 shows how we have to “put on the whole armor of God in order to fight against the wiles of the devil” that come our ways.

So, we ought to always seek God’s help to fight these trials.

As we fight the temptations in this world, let us be faithful and remember what does not kill you makes you stronger. The future is bright for us who believe.

The writer is a graduate of Development Studies, Makerere University.


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