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Groundnuts, beef luwombo


By Lilian Ntege

Luwombo is said to be one of the most popular dishes in Uganda, specifically in the central region of Buganda.
Some people prefer preparing it as an everyday meal especially restaurants, while others prepare it on specific prominent functions like introduction or giveaway ceremonies, Christmas days, Easter holidays and so many other special days.
Luwombo meals are prepared in different categories depending on what someone prefers. That is; chicken, beef, mushrooms, goat meat and so many others.
Christine Nabukalu takes us through the procedure of preparing a groundnut beef luwombo recipe for a small family or group of people.

¼ meat
½ groundnuts
1 garlic
1 greenpepper
2 Tomatoes
A strap of banana fiber
1 medium-sized onion
2fresh banana (Luwombo) leaves

A plate of groundnuts and beef luwombo. (Photo/Lillian Ntege)

First smoke the Luwombo leaves and put them aside in a centered saucepan. Ensure that there is no leakage on the leaf. Smoking softens the leaf.
Chop the meat into small proportions, slice the onions, green pepper, garlic and tomatoes.
Make the groundnuts into paste
Heat a pan, then add in the groundnut paste, stir and dissolve it well.
When the paste is blended so well, add in some little water, add the meat and all your ingredients, and then let it boil thickly on low heat for at least 30mins.
Carefully, empty your groundnut paste into the luwombo leaf, ensure no leakage and if any, you can add another leaf then tie it up with a banana fiber strap.
Place your luwombo carefully over the food, in case you have prepared it with matooke and cover well with more banana leaves and another saucepan. Steam for at least three hours or more.
Serve your luwombo with matooke or any dry food of your choice, accompanied with any green vegetable. It is best served for lunch.


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