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I was delivered from demons – Bishop Olwa

Bishop Olwa

The Rt Rev Assoc Prof Alfred Olwa,Bishop of the Diocese of Lango, was recently appointed the new Council Chairperson of Uganda Christian University (UCU). He talked to FRANK OBONYO about his personal testimony of how he was delivered from demons and how he came to accept Jesus Christ as his savior. 

Who is Bishop Olwa?

He  was born on January 29, 1964 in Amolatar district in Nothern Uganda. He is  married to Rev Susan Olwa, with whom they have three children.

He attended Namasale Primary School, Nagai Secondary School in Amolatar district and later joined  Makerere University, where he pursued a diploma in Theology and a  bachelors degree in Divinity.

 Bishop Olwa  also attended Bishop Tucker Theological School, Mukono, where he attained a post graduate diploma in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation.

He attained a Masters of Theology by Research from Brunel University, London and  later on got a PhD from University of Western Sydney.  In 2018,  he became an associate professor at Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology, Uganda Christian University (UCU).


With the benefit of perception, Bishop Olwa remembers with much gratitude the privilege of growing up in a Christian family.

“Our home was at the sub-county headquarters in Namasale, Amolatar district. This was my father’s workstation and I had the privilege of attending compulsory Sunday service at  church.

I had the opportunity of listening to evangelists coming from across Lake Kyoga, Nakasongola and at times from Kampala to our parish, Namasale Church of Uganda. I also got the advantage  of learning how to commune with the Lord at an early age,”  Bishop Olwa says.

He says he came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as his saviour when he  was in secondary school.

While staying with his maternal grandmother, he fell sick with interminable fever, which his grandmother tried to cure traditionalally.

He says: “My grandmother was a herbalist and diviner with two traditional gods, Omara and Aguda. And as an apprentice to her ‘trade’, I was tomemnted by the gods and was struck by grave sickness. However, her efforts of treating me with herbs and traditional rituals were not successful.”

On April 8, 1982, an evangelist of Chosen Evangelical Revival, who was passing through their village approached him with the word of God. 

 Bishop Olwa says, “He asked me to accept Jesus Christ to come into my life and he will take away my burden (Matthew 11:28). At that point, I remember that as a young person, I knew that Christ had died to atone for my sins, but the full reality of that knowledge did not completely establish itself in my way of life.”

He only repeated what the envagelist said but did not fully surrender my life to Christ. During that same period of time, two  travelling evangelists also came to our home and preached salvation to him. He surrendered his life compleletly. They cast out the demons out of him, he was delivered.” Since then, he continued to grow in the personal knowledge of Christ through fellowships and Bible studies.

 He says  marrying Susan, an evangelist and  prayer enthusiast, gave him the stability and support  he needed to become a true disciple of Christ. Together, they have grown in the knowledge and love of God and have aimed at serving Him with the gifts and talents He has blessed them with.

 Key lessons  

To Bishop Olwa, heading the UCU governing council is a great opportunity to serve God because the university was established by the Church in response to a call for quality university education with a christian perspective.

He is ready to contribute and keep the values of the university because he trusts that God placed him in this position for a  reason. 

He encourages christians to  fully give themselves to the work of the Lord, because their labour is not in vain. He also calls upon everyone to walk in the footprints of Jesus regardless of all the wordly distractions.


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