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Jesus provides breakfast, big fish catch for His disciples


By Dr Edward Tamale-Sali

Have you ever thought that Jesus could cook? He made a wonderful breakfast of bread and fish, and this was the first meal with His disciples after His resurrection.
Where did Jesus get bread? Where did Jesus get the fish? He did not have money. The answer is, He is the giver of all, the bread of life.

Peter returns to his old profession
Peter had been a fisherman before Jesus called him to follow Him about three and a half years earlier (Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11).
After Jesus’ death and resurrection, these men for a while did not know what to do. Lonely and without leadership, some disciples like Peter returned to their former professions.
Everyone was giving their own opinion, yet they had vividly seen Jesus on two occasions after resurrection (Matthew 28:16–17, Luke 24:33–37).
On one of business days, Peter and his colleagues spent the whole night fishing but caught nothing. Compare this to the days we try to work but fail to make profits.

Jesus appears
Jesus came very early to the shores close to where Peter and his men were fishing.
When the disciples approached nearer, Jesus asked if they had caught any fish and they replied, “we have caught nothing”.
John 21:6: “And he said unto them, cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.”
Jesus then made a fire and prepared breakfast of fish and bread. He called them to eat with Him (John 21:9, 12, 13).
In present day interpretation, Jesus told His disciples to change their campus direction to the right side and when they obeyed, they caught a multitude of fish.
They had to call other boats in the vicinity to help them haul the catch. This was a great miracle they never expected because it was rare to catch a lot of fish during daytime.
While they ate with Him, He did not condemn them for quitting their discipleship roles because He loved them.

An illustration showing Jesus’ disciples haul out a huge catch of fish as Jesus Himself looks on

1- Peter realised they had no food and money; so, he went back to his old profession (fishing) to earn a living. He did not go on the streets to beg for funds.
Many a time Christians including pastors abandon their professions to earn from ministry because of lack of understanding. This causes them to suffer.
2- Jesus told them to change course and cast their nets to the right where the fish was.
They obeyed and were successful.
When we listen to God’s instruction, He directs our paths and we end up successful.

Personal experience
I had been employed as a gynaecologist and obstetrician for many years in the United Kingdom (UK). In 2003, the Lord told me to change course and return to Uganda.
I applied for a teaching job at a university and six months later, I was told that I did not qualify for the job yet I had better qualifications than many people in that particular department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
I had no criminal records to use as an excuse to deny me a job. I just wanted to come and serve my country.
When this happened, the Lord told me through a vision to turn to self-employment rather than go back to the UK.
He told me to cast my net deep into the ocean and change my practice slightly to being a fertility specialist.
In this vision, I saw many fish and I had to call other men to count them. I obeyed and returned to Uganda where I had no house.
I mortgaged my house and redeemed all my insurance policies to start the hospital business. I changed course.
Recently I started a school to teach doctors about what I do (www.sisfm.com). I had been denied this opportunity at a university, but God changed it and told me to cast the net on the right side. I have caught more fish than I would have caught if I had not listened to God.
I obeyed and Jesus showed me my ‘map’ of life. This changed my course.
The resurrected Lord can still do the same provisions for you like He did for the disciples and for me. He will prepare you a table before your enemies and shame them.
Jesus’ breakfast meal is eternal. Feed on God’s word daily and all will be well.
Be blessed.

Dr Edward Tamale-Sali is director and founder, Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Centre.


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