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JULY VERSE (Psalms 91:7)


“A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.”

Most commentaries and preachers on this Psalm will present this verse as one that says that God will protect you. It is perceived as a promise and a prayer. It sounds better to most people to know that God will protect us. The Bible is full of God’s promises and assurances to us, believers, especially in these troubled times.

It is true that God will protect His people and while the world suffers and falls victim to the evil, God’s people will survive and overcome.

Psalm 91, however, was written by Moses during the wilderness times. And while it can be understood as promises from God, Moses was appreciating the existing reality of God’s protection. He was not claiming the promises of God but recognising that while a thousand and ten thousand were falling beside him, God was into the business of protecting him.

Folks people are dying left, right and centre. But if you are reading this, then God has protected you. That is not a promise, which is a reality, not something anticipated. As I type this, people are dying and others are falling right in my environment, the news is broadcasting pain and loss in this country. People are grieving their loved ones. Others are breathing through oxygen machines. All these and more, are not imaginary horrible things but reality of evil and pain in our environment.

You are still here; still standing and praising, not because you are better than anyone but because for now, God has protected you by His Grace and Love.


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