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Kasibo Claims responsibility for the wine smuggling scandal

Maundy Thursday night of communion, prayer, meditation, and confession prior to the events of Good Friday

Brenda Kasibo came to revival service at Miracle Centre Cathedral and made a shocking confession about a story that had run about in 2006 regarding the “wine smuggling
saga”, where smugglers had connived with the security at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s building site in Bunga-Kawukku to use his house as a conduit for this contraband. My whole family was involved in the act using our brother Joshua Kasibo who used to import the win. The wine we imported that time was over Shs300m, however after that time, it was impounded and we have never imported any more wine,’’ Kasibo explained. Kasibo
also added that from the time they smuggled the wine, the whole of their family member’s lives have been horrible as the curse has been following them.

‘’None of us is well off, after I gave my life to Christ the holy spirit convicted me to come
and confess so as to break the curse,’’ she revealed.
Despite having been pointed at by media and friends for having the knowledge about the wine, Pastor Kayanja was overwhelmed for,

“God had justified his family” by Kasibo’s confession.

‘’Tears rolled down my eyes not because I was sad but because, God had surprised me and set me free, for this reason me and my wife Jessica Kayanja prayed a blessing over her and asked her to bring her family for we are all sinners saved by grace,’’ Kayanja said.


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