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Looking at Covid-19 with a Christian perspective


By Pr Ben Odongo

Many people are propagating that Covid-19 is a punishment from God. What kind of God will want to punish His people with pain, with disease, with torments? God is not teaching the world a lesson with Coronavirus. God is constant in His character.

The Bible tells us that God is a good God. All good and perfect gifts come from God (James 1:17). Is Covid-19 good? Is it perfect? If not, then it is not from Abba Father.

The position of God in Covid-19 is to give men knowledge to overcome and subdue it. The Bible tells us that God is light, and in Him there is no darkness.

Good Father

The Bible also tells us God is a father. And a father’s responsibility is to protect his children from pains, harm and destruction.

When I look through the Bible, I see God revealed in Jesus. Whatever Jesus never does, God never does. Jesus is the perfect revelation of God.

Jesus is the express image of God. Jesus went about doing good, healing those that were oppressed by the devil. Jesus never inflicted anybody with pain. In fact, when there was a storm in the sea and they were about to perish, Jesus stood, rebuked the storm and stopped the rage. Jesus said: “I can do nothing of myself; what I see the father do, that is what I do.”

So we must understand God is not behind Covid-19. The only part God plays is to bring healing, mercy, intervention and enable scientists come up with a breakthrough on the cure. God’s love is for the whole world.

The Bible tells us that God is not holding the world accountable for sin because He has punished sin through His son Jesus Christ on the cross. God’s part in Covid-19 is to intervene, bring solution, cure and healing for those that are afflicted and preserve humanity.


We have a lot to learn from this pandemic. First of all, suddenly governments are on lockdown. Businesses are on shutdown, even the busiest human beings are all in their houses; some are actually being quarantined.

Most people who caught the virus are in isolation. So suddenly, all the things that looked very important before are now attracting less attention. Once Covid-19 is over, in the post-Corona world, people will learn to really prioritize.

The Bible tells us that a man’s life does not contain in the abundance of things he possesses. Thus, when we are able to reprioritize, it helps us pay attention to those things that are more valuable, the things that really matter.

Lastly, I urge Christians not to forget to pray for our healthcare workers, doctors, surgeons, and nurses. They are truly on the front lines fighting to keep alive those who are already infected with the virus.

They are human, but already work tirelessly for longer hours than usual. But this pandemic is really taxing our healthcare system, and we need to lend them support. Obviously, we all can’t physically go help them (unless you are in the medical profession), but we can always pray.


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