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Prayer changed Bukirwa’s life


Eron Kigozi Bukirwa has gone through what she terms as ‘hell on earth’. The flash backs of the pain she went through after her father’s death still bring her to tears as she narrates. As if the death of her father was not enough, she had a problematic pregnancy which left her at the verge of death. she told her story to Lilian Ntege.

Eron Kigozi Bukirwa

Her ordeal
Bukirwa is the fourth born of the six children of the late Dick Sentamu of Kitezi, Kabaga village, Wakiso district.
She is a teacher and director of Wiron Junior School located along Kasangati, Matugga road, Wakiso district.
Bukirwa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education in 2006 from Makerere University.
While growing up, she experienced a lot of difficulties especially after her father’s death in 2001. She had just joined senior one at Lubiri High School, Kampala.
She says ever since she lost her father, life changed negatively. Her mother was a house wife who did not have a job, yet they were living in an extended family.
There was no hope for furthering with education due to lack enough financial constraints in the family.
She says she tried contacting her father’s friends for help, but most of them were not taking her seriously until she gave up.
“I really loved studying and my dad would always advise me to study. He always said that with education, a person gets a brighter future, but whoever I asked for help turned me down,” she says.
When she approached her uncle for school fees again, he offered to take her to Kazo Secondary School, Kawempe, Kampala district. Unfortunately when they arrived at school, he abandoned her in the head teacher’s office with no explanation.
Bukirwa says she did not even know where she was and the route to take her back home.
She opted to ask for help from an old woman near the school, who took her in and offered accommodation.
But little did she know that the woman practiced witchcraft.
It was a very challenging experience for her because she always spent most of the nights outside on the veranda as the old woman went on with rituals.
She also had to look for food by herself because she was only offered shelter. This went on for two years.
Regardless of what was happening, Bukirwa always prayed to God and believed He would come to her rescue.
While in senior four, she could not afford to pay the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) registration fees.
While at Church (Christian Life Church, Kampala) one Sunday, she shared her ordeal with a certain woman.
Fortunately, she was connected to the Church administration and they helped pay her school fees up to university.
They also helped get her a job as an educational officer at Divine Care Ministries, Kampala.
Bukirwa says God answered her prayers through this Church and is forever thankful to Him.
“I cannot thank God enough, I got a good job and was earning good money. I bought myself land and a car. I also started paying fees for our last born,” she says.

Worst ordeal
In 2016 when she was pregnant, she almost lost her life due to complications. She says she survived because God protected her and by His grace, she is alive.
“I can never stop thanking the Lord for healing me even when it was confirmed that I was going to die,” she says.
When she approached the delivery date, she experienced labour pains normally but while in hospital, doctors told her they could not see the baby. She was told that they could only see puss.
She resorted to serious prayer because she knew God was the only option.
“I decided to pray and fast because I knew God was going to make everything right.
Previous scans showed the baby was healthy but this sudden complication was questionable; so, I had to seek God’s intervention,” Bukirwa says.
The condition worsened when she started bleeding and the doctors told her she was going to die.
She says even in the much pain, she prayed and believed she was not going to die and her child would survive.
After several tests, doctors realised the puss was no longer visible and the baby was alive. Her uterus was also normal.
Bukirwa says she can never stop serving God and putting her trust in Him because she tasted His power and grace.
“God came to my rescue and has provided for me since I lost my dad. I will serve Him forever,” she says.

Bukirwa advises parents to always train their children about the power of prayer and to be responsible while they are still young.
This helps the child to grow up with the knowledge of God and can survive any challenges.


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