Seventy Seven: Days of great Praise, Worship and Xtraordinary Miracles!


    Tens of thousands throng Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral for 77 Days 0f Glory. The multitudes of people that thronged Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral for the 77 Days Of Glory revival area testament that like the scripture says, the crop is ripe but the reapers are few. For more than two months Pastor Robert Kayanja preached the gospel of truth to an ever increasing congregation that experienced spiritual transformation; miracles were received, the sick were healed and the bound were released.

    Pastor Kayanja blessed with the ability to present a clear gospel message in a culturally relevant format, drawing on the latest in current events, contemporary Christian music has a history of filling stadiums and arenas for the past thirty six years but he confessed to have been overwhelmed by the wonder of this particular revival. “At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have been in ministry for over thirty six years. We have had glorious times both here at the Miracle Center Cathedral and around the world. But the things we are seeing today, I have never seen.” He shared. The 10500 seater cathedral filled to capacity and tents were brought for the overflow which was also filled and another more tents had to be brought in for the overflow.
    He entreated his congregation not to seek just the material but to pray for the Holy Spirit.

    “. . . Don’t pray for a house, a car, a job or marriage. Just ask the Lord to fill you with the Holy Spirit. He is the one that makes us whole in all these areas. He is the one you NEED to encounter.”

    By the end of the 77 days, over six million people including those viewing online were reached. The revival featured a daily talk from leading pastors from all around the world led by Pastor Robert Kayanja, his wife Jessica Kayanja and music from top Christian musical artists. The revival was attended by people from all walks of life, all races and all denominations including notable local dignitaries like Katumba Wamala and KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi. There were numerous powerful miracles, healings and fascinating testimonies throughout the revival and here are a few that caught our attention.


    Ms. Charity Kakuhikire the private Secretary to the President of Uganda attending with other State House Officials testified that she met the pastor in Sembabule where she was the RDC who prayed for her to be promoted which she was. Charity was also diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, but when pastor believed God with her, she got healed.

    She revealed that God’s favaour wasn’t only on her but her entire family and her son Brian Kakuhikire gave his own testimony and offered thanks to God who saved him from a boda boda accident which he survived with minor injuries.

    A woman who identified herself as Jessica Keth testified to have been healed of severe
    menstrual pain and internal bleeding. She said that she had been diagnosed with internal bleeding three years ago and had had several operations to rectify the problem. Her first operation which took place in Mombasa was botched which necessitated another one to correct it. The second one was done at Rubaga hospital but nothing changed. Determined to find healing, Jessica went to the revival where she was healed as the pain has disappeared and her menstruation period is normal. She also says that her husband whom she thanks God for had been having pain in his leg which also got healed from the revival. She also blessed the lord for having won a Green Card to the United States of America.

    Betty Lukwago 60 is the sister to KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi. For two and a half years, Betty had been wheel chair bound as a result of acute Osteoporosis which she didn’t know until she was diagnosed at CoRsu Hospital on Entebbe Road. Osteoporosis is a bone-weakening disease that develops gradually and makes bones so fragile that they fracture under normal use. The problem started shortly after the death of their mother who suffered from the same disease. Since then, Betty has been living on a cocktail of painkillers to manage the pain.

    At CoRsu, she was told that her bones had dissolved to nothing so she was beyond any
    medical cure. While attending the revival, she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit which moved her to regain movement and could no longer feel the pain.

    22 years old Isaac couldn’t stop praising and testifying about his miracle. Isaac says that he had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and a hole had been found in his heart. His body was racked with so much pain that he could neither sit or stand. His family carried him on his sleeping mat to the platform. As soon as he was laid down, he received his healing, stood up and walked way. This powerful miracle moved thousands of people to commit their life to Christ. Isaac’s friend who had suffered from a dislocated hip joint also came in search of his miracle. The pastor was instructed by the Holy Spirit to tell him to laugh off his pain and he was healed too.

    Anne a professional doctor survived a car accident in which four people perished. She
    sustained a broken neck, spine and limbs. But God healed her and even gave her a son.
    Rita is another medical doctor who received divine healing. She has had a distended stomach which made her look like she was eight months pregnant. For years she had to wear oversized clothes to disguise her stomach. But during the 77 Days Of Glory she took a step of faith and touched her TV as pastor Kayanja was praying and her belly became flattened. 11 year old Esther Nambasa was born without but when she was brought to Pastor Kayanja, God created gave them to her.

    Betty Namaganda from Kapeka who was HIV positive, since 2004 and her CD4 had decreased to 8700, was healed when Kayanja declared that God was going to heal
    people with AIDS. She tested negative the following day and CD4 count was restored.

    Reverend Kimera , testified to how he faced the power of darkness and came out in victory. He revealed that in 2010, his one and a half acre of land was garbed by a prominent female witchdoctor. Fearing the witchdoctor’s notorious powers, people advised the man of God to give up the land but he refused. Instead he gathered a group of prayer warriors who prayed against the power of evil and commanded the witch to vacate the land which she did. As a sign of his gratitude, Reverend Kimera donated the land to the Pentecostals who have since built there a church.

    Jacqueline blesses the lord who led her to salvation. She says she landed on Channel 44 while flipping through TV channels in search of something to watch to keep her mind from her financial problems. While watching 77 Days Of Glory, she was filled with the holy spirit and the lord instructed her to sow a seed and she obeyed. She has since been delivered from her debts and she had to attend the revival physically to give her testimony.

    Kaitesi was delivered from her drug addiction which got her deported from Ghana and was threatening to break up her marriage. She gave her life to Christ and for the next month, she didn’t touch alcohol or smoke any drugs. Her recovery touched her husband who came to take her back to Ghana. Her father, who had earlier sought the help of witchdoctors for his daughter’s addiction in vain, was so grateful for the healing that he also gave his life to Jesus.

    Robinah Kakaire couldn’t contain her happiness at being reunited with her husband. She says that her husband abandoned her for three years when he started practicing witchcraft in search of wealth. He eventually married ten other wives but during the revival he made a decision to leave them all and go back to his first wife. Pastor Kayanja
    said he would officially wed them in church to sanctify their marriage.

    Mr and Mrs Katunguka from Entebbe received a miracle of salvation during the revival. Mrs Katunguka confessed to having lived years under the persecution of her husband for her faith. “He hated the fact that I was a born again Christian who actively attended church. There were many times he locked me out of the home because of attending night prayers. But nothing could take me away from God. I kept praying and lifting him up to God believing that one day God would save him. And I can now say that God has answered my prayer because my husband gave his life to Christ. When we are unable to come here for the revival he encourages me to watch it on Channel 44. We are happier as a couple and I have at last found peace in my home. I thank God for the gift of salvation and for restoring our marriage.”

    Daisy confesses to having practiced night dancing and cannibalism. She even gave up her mother’s body to be eaten by fellow night dancers as custom requires. She says that God has since delivered her from the spirit of witch craft and no longer carves human flesh. She says she feels free. This testimony was followed by hundreds of people who confessed to being tired of their witchcraft and so emptied every corner of their homes and shrines of their charms and portions which they gave up to be burned.
    A man who claimed to be the leader of the notorious criminal gang Kiface also gave his life to Christ. He claims that during his last mission, he stole a smart phone from a certain born again woman but was compelled to see. When she met him, she gave him Shs 20,000 and instructed him to go to Pastor Kayanja for prayer.
    He was joined by former gang member a one Kamongi David in salvation.

    Namuddu Hadijah from Nansana, testified to having been fellowshipping from Channel 44 behind her husband’s back who was against Christianity in his home. However, one day Siraji watched a miracle of a lame woman walking and believed and gave his life to God.

    Ssesanga Charles is a catholic by birth was stranded with his produce which he exports to Europe because he couldn’t raise Shs 13M for taxes. While watching Channel44 which was broadcasting the 77 Days Of Glory live, he was moved to pray and believe for a financial miracle which he received.

    Joseph Ssewankambo blesses the Lord for the gift of salvation in his father’s house. After stealing his family’s witchcraft and taking it to be burnt at the revival, his mother also accepted Jesus as her lord and savior. His mother who has been experiencing pain in her leg for one solid year was immediately healed when she stepped onto the platform.


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