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Soft crunchy daddies recipe


By Lilian Ntenge

Being a back to school season, we decided to teach children and parents how to make soft crunchy ‘daddies,’ for school and also home consumption.

However, these may not only be for consumption, but can also turn out to be a side business of anyone looking to add an extra penny to their daily income.

Angel Nakayiza, a student of St Joseph SS, Nansana, takes us through the process of making these flaky small-sized mandazi.

– kg of baking flour
– A pinch of baking powder
– ½ cup of milk
– cooking oil
– 1 tablespoon ginger powder
– 2 eggs
– ½ cup of sugar
– 3 table spoons of margarine/blue band butter.

– First warm your milk and margarine/blue band in different clean pans.

– Get a clean bowl and add in your 2 cups of baking flour (It is better to first sieve it). Meanwhile mix the eggs.

– Add in sugar, grated ginger powder, egg mixture, baking powder, 3 table spoons of cooking oil, and mix everything together till well dissolved.

– Add in your warm milk to the mixture slowly by slowly as you stir. Also add in the melted margarine, and mix until your dough is ready.

– After the mixture is dissolved properly into dough, spread some cooking oil on it (1 tablespoon). Then cover it well and let it settle for a period of 40 minutes.

– After the 40 minutes have elapsed, spread some flour on a clean chopping board, knead it like chapati, and cut out shapes of your own choice, depending on what you would like your daddies to look like.

– Heat your pan on medium heat, add enough cooking oil, then gently put in your sliced dough shapes of daddies, and deep fry till they turn golden brown.

– Remove the daddies from oil and drain them on soft tissue.

– Let them cool before serving.

Daddies can be taken with tea, juice, water or any other beverage of your own choice. They can also be taken as simple snacks in between meal time.


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