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The blood of Jesus removes all stains

Cropped image of man cleaning stain on carpet with sponge

Having a tough time removing a stain? Try these helpful hints!

  • If you are trying to remove a permanent marker stain from appliances or countertops, rubbing alcohol on a paper towel should do the trick.
  • Need to get rid of crayon marks on walls? A damp rag dipped in baking soda works great with lots of scrubbing.
  • Have a blood stain on your clothes? Pour a little peroxide on a cloth and use it to wipe off the blood. Works every time.
  • If you are trying to remove a stain from the bottom of a vase, fill it with water and drop in two Alka-Seltzer tablets for amazing results.

Is it not interesting how we use trial and error over and over again to come up with the right solution for removing stains on everything, from toilet bowls to clothing, to countertops?

Sometimes it takes years for a researcher to discover how to remove a specific stain from a certain material.

Many people search for a long time trying to find a way to remove their stain of guilt caused by sin.

You may have a friend who is an alcoholic. Perhaps he turned to alcohol to try to forget the guilt he is carrying from his past.

Others turn to drugs as an escape. Some people are in and out of relationships—seeking someone who can fill the void in their lives created by stain of sin.

The blood of Christ does not cause stains. (Source/Evangelist Joshua)

Jesus is the answer
Guess what? You were not meant to be able to remove the stain of sin from your life.

Like the researchers mentioned above, you can spend years searching for the right product, in vain.

There is only one way to get rid of the stain of sin forever; through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Ironic, isn’t it? The blood of Christ does not cause stains. In stead it removes them totally!

Moreover, His blood does not simply work for the moment. When Jesus forgives, it is forever.

Some old preacher once said: “Jesus forgives your sins and forgets them.

“He tosses them in the sea of forgetfulness and posts a sign that reads ‘No Fishing.’”

In other words, Christ wants you to forgive yourself as well. Once He has forgiven you, he does not want you to wallow in guilt.

He died for your guilt as well as your sins, and he desires that you live in freedom, confidence, and grace.

Know this
If you have accepted Christ’s forgiveness for your sins, but are still living in guilt, try this strategy:

(1) Memorize specific scripture verses that prove you are forgiven. When Satan plants seeds of doubt in your mind, quote scriptures as your defense.

(2) Change the immediate environment in which you feel guilty. For example, if you used to drink and have quit, do not go to places that serve alcohol. That will only remind you of your past.

Spend some time thanking God for his forgiveness. Ask Him to free you from the stain of guilt your past sins have caused.

Further study: Isaiah 6:7, Mark 2:7-10, Hebrews 10:22, 1 John 1:9.

Source: Tecarta Bible

Researchers have established various products for removing stains from various surfaces. (Photo/Embassy Cleaners)

1-The first lesson to pick from this devotion is: life in this world is like a cloth. As we live, it picks stains in this world. Stains in this world are inevitable.

You cannot live a stainless life. While we should, in our various capacities, try always to avoid stains, our mission ought to be knowing how to deal with the stains.

2-Stains represent our sins. Every sin we commit in life stays as a stain in our lives. It can be seen as a practical consequence of our wrong choice or even as a scar.

A quick observation of your life will prove it is somehow stained.

3-Stain depth and the removal depends on the kind of fabric. So are the sin stains. To a non-believer, these stains do not even appear strong. In most cases they are ignored.

While to us, believers, these stains are visible. They affect our operation in life.

The difference is in the fact that we, Christians, have the spirit to convict us about these stains while others do not.

4-In life, some stains are removable while others are irremovable, depending on what one uses to deal with them.

Some sins and sinning can be dealt with through negotiations or fixing the damage. There are sins that only can be dealt with by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Additional writing by Pr Isaiah White


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