By Arvin Kaufman

From the Book of Ruth in the Bible, we learn about choice and kindness. Ruth was from the country of Moab.

Ruth and Orpah were Naomi’s daughters-in-law.

Although both Ruth and Orpah’s husbands had died, they had decided to stay with their mother-in-law, Naomi.

One day Naomi received good news from her homeland Bethlehem, that the famine was over. She decided to leave Moab and go back to Bethlehem.


The two daughters-in-law had remained kind to Naomi by staying with her, even after the death of their husbands.

When Naomi asked them to go back to their own homes they said to her, “We will go back with you to your people.”

After some convincing, Orpah left but Ruth clung to Naomi.

Ruth was determined to remain by Naomi’s side until her death. She also wanted Naomi’s God to be her God. So they went to Bethlehem together.

When Ruth and Naomi arrived in Bethlehem, it was the beginning of the barley harvest. Ruth asked Naomi if she could go pick left-over grain from the field so they could have some food, and Naomi agreed.

It turned out that the field where Ruth went belonged to their Naomi’s relative, Boaz.

When Boaz asked his workers who Ruth was, he was told that she had come from Moab with Naomi. Boaz told Ruth to stay in his field with the other women, and he looked after her.

When Ruth asked Boaz why he was being kind to her, he said it was because he had heard of her kindness to Naomi. Boaz was so kind to her, he gave Ruth food, and told his workers to help Ruth

We show kindness to others when we are willing to help them and to do for them more than they have asked of us without expecting anything in return.


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