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The virtue of working with your spouse


By Dickson Tumuramye

Most couples usually get along together in their early years of marriage. But as time passes, some start changing and doing things individually. Planning together becomes a nightmare, and this leaves implementation of projects or family business to one person. There is another category of couples who always plan and work together. They have a work plan and know who is supposed to do what, how and when.

Such couples usually make decisions together, evaluate their progress regularly and there is clear focus on what they are intending to do. In case of any failure, they are equally responsible and accountable.

Unlike in the first category where each does as he/ she wishes, this second couple owns their mistakes and this inspires them to plan together for the next move. It is difficult for children in the first category to know what their parents are doing or planning to do. Such couples could be doing things out of fear, ego or selfishness.

Couples should never stop working together if they want to prosper as a family. When you were coming together, you agreed to share everything – including your bodies. Thus, nothing should be hidden from each other because you are one. But how does it start?

Love and intimacy

Where there is no love, there is no peace, oneness, and togetherness. The Bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sins and where it is not, there is strife and hatred. Love makes it possible and simple for couples to plan together and keep focused.

It is important for a couple to keep their fi re burning throughout their marriage. Love and intimacy are core foundations of marriage.

Plan as a couple

As a couple, you will hardly achieve anything unless you plan together. Since two people can’t walk together unless they have agreed, you also can’t work together unless you share similar goals.

Planning is important because it helps you set priorities
and develop a work plan. It helps you make ideal financial decisions and how best you can apportion the available resources to suit your intended projects, among others.

Teamwork is key

Working together builds solidarity in your marriage because couples are always there to implement their work plans. The plans you make guide you on who is doing what, how and when. Some of you can testify you ever did a project without your spouse’s involvement and things did not work out as expected.

But when the two of you agree and work together, success is always inevitable. It is said that when you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to reach far, walk with others. Team building helps you. Together Each one Achieves Much (TEAM).

Shared vision, purpose

Most successful couples share the same vision and clearly understand their purpose. They each know what they intend to achieve in a given time frame, and can easily figure out where they want to be at a certain point in life.

There is nothing like we are “just working” because every couple should have a working plan that spells out each one’s role. It inspires each one of you to work hard towards achieving your goals since you are sure of where you want to be, how and when.

Spend time together

We know that among the love languages there is quality time, but this may be none of your languages as a couple. Nonetheless, spending quality time together is significant. It helps you relax and talk to each about everything, not necessarily things related to your business or family.

It is just a time you need to always talk with each other regardless of the topic. Love must fl ow all the time and anywhere. When you have spent time working together, given attention to children, family and friends, the two of you need your own separate quality time to make your own jokes, play together, share moments to keep your joy alive.

Scheduling date nights can work better for you. I urge couples to work hard together and live to leave a legacy for your children. Work together as if there is no tomorrow. King Solomon, in his words of wisdom, says: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

Hardworking people who work together are likely to be successful professionally and in business because they are determined and focused on what they would like to achieve in a given period.

The writer is a parenting coach and marriage counselor. tumudickson@gmail.com


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