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Unpacking Isaiah 19:1-25


By Rev David Munobwa

Isaiah 19, a prophecy about Egypt, is such an  interesting rich portion of scripture. It reflects the true nature of our God and how He deals with His people. The Egypt mentioned here is the popular one of Africa, where Israelites were in slavery for over 400 years (see Exodus 1).

The Lord Himself will come and deal with Egypt, inciting civil wars and conflicts amongst Egyptians. God will devastate their sources of lively hood such as rivers drying up, making the land unproductive, fishing and every effort of their hands will be futile . It would be such a state of despair.

But why? Because of idol worship, consulting spirits of the dead and witchcraft . More to that, Egypt trusted so much in the wisdom of their “wise counselors”, whose wisdom misdirected the people. As leaders and children of God, we must know that true wisdom comes from God alone.

It is amazing that after the Egyptians have received God’s punishment, they turn to Him and worship the true God, abandoning their idols. In that day, God will send them a savior (Jesus Christ). God will heal them and hear their prayers. This is a true demonstration of mercy and grace.

See how God unites the major enemies: Israel, Egypt and Assyria, to be a blessing and worshipping together. God will call them blessed.

The salvation and love of Christ brings unity and reconciliation among nations, communities, families and individuals (Ephesians 2:14). Embrace it today. Hallelujah!!



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