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Watoto leaders to handover


Watoto Church founders Gary and Marilyn Skinner have announced their intention to exit the administration of the Church and hand over leadership to the next generation pastors, Julius and Vernita Rwotlonyo.

Watoto was founded in 1984 during the NRA civil war as a community Church.

While announcing their exit, Gary Skinner said there has come a time when they need to pass the baton on.

“It is not just that God has helped us to see the great Church planted with multiple campuses all across the nation till South Sudan, but also rescuing the most vulnerable orphaned children and the single women who are struggling to rescue their families,” Gary said.

He noted that they have seen great achievements like establishing choirs and sending them around the world, and Watoto becoming known worldwide.

Gary and Marilyn Skinner with some Children. (Photo/Watoto)

The ministry leaders explained that they are “More than ready” to pass on the responsibility to the new leaders.

“We have been walking together for a long time. They have grown up in Watoto Church, and they are amazing people with amazing gifts on their lives. Above all, they have a heart and passion of Jesus Christ,” Gary said.

The official transition and handover ceremony will be held in February 2023.


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