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Jesus’s resurrection: the greatest comeback


By Pr Isaiah White

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I come to you today in the name of the Lord, and carry a message for myself and all those reading this.

The message is from God, and it is about the power and importance of a comeback.

Good always triumphs
Hollywood and all other movie industries used to have a story pattern of telling the stories in a way that evil takes between 80-90% of the time and Good occupies just 10-20% of the length of the movie or drama.

Movies and Drama series used to be about the happy ending in my days, but I was recently told by my teenage boy that these days, not all movies have a happy ending.

We talked about this, and he confirmed to me that some of the modern movies ensure that evil prevails over good.
I was heartbroken and I encouraged him to drop such movies from his preferred choices.

We had a debate on the same, and I told him there is no way evil will ever triumph over good.

In the real world, beyond and outside drama theatres and movie cinemas, Good always triumphs and that is the truth.

While the audience has to endure for a long time the success of evil in the cast, they hope for things to change at the end.

That change is when good takes over and rectifies all the damages evil has caused throughout the cast. That always sounds like a comeback.

Historical comebacks
There are many comeback stories in warfare, in the business world, in the sports world and the entertainment.

Time and space cannot allow we list all but for now, I will share a golf player legend by the name of Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods’ golf comeback is like a Hollywood script coming to life. I mean, this guy is the definition of a legend, and his return to the green is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Remember when everyone thought he was done, hanging up his clubs due to injuries and setbacks? Well, he told adversity to hike and made one of the most epic comebacks in sports history.

I’m talking about a guy who had more surgeries than a smartphone has updates, yet he still roared back onto the scene.

The dude won the 2019 Masters Tournament, which was like the ultimate mic-drop moment. People ‘high-fived’ strangers in the streets. That is how big of a deal it was.

It is not just about the wins, though. It is the sheer determination that Woods showed.

He battled through pain, doubters, and naysayers and proved that he’s still got that magic touch with the clubs.

It is the kind of stuff that gives you goose bumps and makes you believe in the power of a good ol’ comeback story.

The Greatest comeback
The greatest of all comebacks in history is that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Briefly, I will take you through what this God went through. First, He lost His identity, condensed Himself, became a creature and placed Himself into the womb of a creature (John 1:14).

God suffered all the trials and temptations in the same body as we do throughout his 33yrs on Earth (Hebrews 2:17-18).

While this to humanity might be life and living, to God it is a loss of not just identity but power and authority as well.

Then came the passion week events where the God who owns everything had to borrow a ride, fight for His abused temple, be betrayed by his disciples, be falsely accused by religious people, suffer agony alone in the Garden throughout the night, captured and tortured throughout the night, hanged on the cross necked and killed.

He was thrown to death and He died an eternal death. Then Boom!! The resurrection as the greatest comeback of all time.

This is the greatest comeback of all time because our God died an eternal death and came back to life and by that comeback, God redeemed all his believers and secured a comeback for whoever believes Him and at the same time He retained his identity and all power and all authority that He had lost in the process (Mathew 28:18)

The writer is a life coach and theologian.
Contact: +256 775 822 833


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