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War Room is a faith-based movie about a marriage in crisis and the power of fighting one’s battles in prayer. Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) and Tony (T.C. Stallings) are going through terrible times; money squabbles, abandonment, mistrust and a very bad case of foot odor.

Tony, a charismatic sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, is having a tough time controlling his wandering affections which puts him on edge and distances him from his wife Elizabeth, a harried real estate agent.

The marriage looks like it is headed for the divorce courts until when Elizabeth meets her new client Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie). Miss Clara is as unbelievably nosy as she is convinced of spiritual salvation. So she advises the younger woman to pray, pray and then pray some more, preferably in the seclusion of a closet converted into a spiritual “war room” where she can paste Bible verses, wish lists and other inspirational material on the wall for easy reference.

As Miss Clara sees it — and Elizabeth soon comes to agree — Elizabeth should not spend her time dwelling on Tony’s many failings as a husband, or his neglectfulness as a father to their daughter, Danielle (Alena Pitts). Rather, she should be fighting alongside, not against, her errant husband, forging an alliance to battle the one responsible for their unhappiness: Satan.

Miracles start to happen just as soon as Elizabeth starts praying. When Tony dines out with a woman during a business trip, and considers her offer of herself as dessert, he suddenly is stricken with an upset stomach that requires a hasty rush to the men’s room. But he doesn’t start to see the light and share prayer time with his wife until he’s fired from his job for cheating his employers and is shamed by Elizabeth’s loyalty to him.

The movie’s dialogue is packed heavy with such persuasive sincerity and divine potency that makes it possible for the viewer to imagine the existence of such faith and power. The all black cast also puts on an amazing performance especially the long suffering wife and neglected daughter. This is a great family movie but most importantly a movie every wife, woman should watch.


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