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Check that nanny before entering your house


By Dickson Tumuramye

There has been a video clip circulating on social media of a woman checking through a case of a girl she was to employ as her maid.

While checking, she came across herbs wrapped in a black polythene bag.

When the new maid was asked what it was, she confessed that it was for ‘good luck’ and to attract favour from men.

Another person narrated on social media how she encountered the same situation and got the same confession from a maid.

Given that house helps may be inevitable due to both parents having to go out to work, their behaviour and intentions are becoming a threat to households.

One may think it is merely an employee, but some come with ill motives. Others intend to sacrifice your children.

Some of these people are in your house out of desperation. Some, out of harsh circumstances they have suffered do not come to genuinely work for you, but to harm your family for selfish reasons.

Others are agents of the devil and we know that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

The world is becoming wicked day and night. There are many evil schemes people do against us.

The worst part is; these are people close to us, who live with us. Unfortunately, we may never know. So, we have to stay alert.

Let checking be part of the pre-conditions of employment. (Source/Bulawa 2005)

Be careful and pray
We need to be very vigilant about how we live with these people. Be extremely observant in the first days. Keep your spiritual antennas alert and pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

This might look like a minor issue to pray about but we have to pray about everything, and the Holy Spirit will guide us.

Let us live as wise people, knowing the days are evil and the devil does not sleep (Ephesians 5:15).

When you intend to hire any maid, please take enough time to pray for that person. Ask God to bring someone innocent and good to your family.

Pray that you both understand each other. Pray that the person will be a blessing to your household like Joseph was in the house of Potiphar (Genesis 39:4-5).

The day this person arrives at your house, do not be shy or foolish to receive before checking what is in their bag.

Do it without fear or favor because you now know what some carry to your homes. Even when the nanny is leaving your home, do the same.

One day a maid was leaving our home and we asked to check her bag, we could not believe our eyes.

She had carried our underpants, children’s clothes, and some onions, among other small things.

Conduct check-up
We have heard many stories surrounding maids. We have heard of some who are HIV-positive and might selfishly infect children.

Therefore, if need be, subject this person to an HIV test. HIV test is done voluntarily according to the law but here, you might need to put it as a condition for this person to be employed in your house.

Therefore, as you negotiate money and other terms and conditions that apply before she arrives, let that be part of the conditions.

If she is not genuine, she will not turn up to work for you.

Treat them fairly
Always be clear with this person’s job description when they enter your house and pass the first tests.

Let them know the boundaries. However, I do not agree with employers who treat their maids as if they are not fellow human beings.

Do not segregate them during meals, or when you are going to church among other things.

Why would a maid prepare meals for the family but at the time of eating, you want her to eat from the kitchen?

If you entrust her with your family, especially children when you are not at home, what is wrong with sitting with her in the sitting room when you get home? Why can’t she go to worship with you on Sundays?

Sometimes, some of the actions we take against these maids also push them to the wall and they are left with no option but to cause harm to us or our loved ones.

If they are good and are now part of us, care for them if you need a good outcome.

The writer is a child advocate, parenting coach, marriage counselor and founder –

Men of Purpose Mentorship program.


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