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God made a way for me to serve Him- Amai


In his pursuit for knowledge, Shadrach Amai always did anything to stay in school. Even when his family was financially struggling, Amai would find his way to class; not even his pitiable performance could stop him. But amidst that unstoppable search for knowledge, Amai found God. He shares the story of his divine transformation with Pauline Akello.

“God has done it for me. To allow me to serve in many roles in the Church as praise and worship leader, a catechist and preacher! What can I say? Only glory to Him,” Amai says.

Earlier life
While in primary seven in 2006, a team of Christian evangelists organised a youth fellowship at Amai’s school. During the fellowship, Amai gave his life to Christ.

“I recall very vividly making the decision to follow Jesus Christ and that He gave His life for me so that I would not end up in eternal damnation,” Amai says.

Upon giving his life to Christ, life drastically changed for Amai.

“It was as if scales fell off my face. I began to understand when I studied and revised. Previously, I did not seem to understand how I used to fail exams,” Amai explains.

Because of what he believes to be the power of God, Amai became the second-best performing student in his class.

This left his peers in shock because he had been written off as a poor performer over the previous years.

But due to financial challenges, Amai could not afford to attend secondary school. He had previously lost his father in 2009, a thing that worsened their family’s plight.

He says: “It dawned on me that if God did not intervene, there would be no way out for me. At that moment, I went into prayer and asked God to make a way and allow me to proceed.”

Amai’s love for learning incredible. He was an always curious child who sought to ask and discover things through play, other social events, and going to school which was his biggest desire.

He knew he could only be a better person if he attained education. So, the lack of school fees blurred his future, pushing him to seek answers from God.

Amai says everyone must always remember that: “God answers prayers.”

A while after his father’s death, his uncle offered to sponsor his education up to senior four. That was the best news that could ever come his way.

Upon completing S.4 in 2010, Amai was advised to pursue a career in primary school teaching. There was no funds for sponsoring his advanced level.

Shadrack Amai believes God is his redeemer. (Photos/Courtesy)

A door is opened
During his College Training, he got an opportunity to serve in the Chapel as a catechist at St Paul’s Church in Bulindi, Hoima district.

After his college, he joined to serve at Kasokoso Church of Uganda in Kampala, where he served until 2018, when he moved on and joined Bethel Rock as a teacher.

While there, he served in Bugolobi Church of Uganda and was appointed the Verger after the incumbent had left to serve elsewhere.

“I was surprised to be offered the role because I only applied because a staff member pressed me to do so. It was a pleasant surprise,” Amai says. He still hold this position to this day.

A man for all seasons
Amai also began a study theology at Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo.

“I am eternally grateful to the staff and colleagues I serve with,” he says.

Amai says his journey of salvation has a strong link with his education.

“This is divinely related to God’s purposeful design. God is at work right from the beginning and everyone I met in school contributed to me being who I am today,” Amai says.

“Although your life may seem like a desert all the way, the Lord’s purpose is for His glory and He is on the throne as you pass through the valley or the shadow of death, He is with you and will rescue you”.

According to Amai, just like it is stated in Psalms 34:19, the Lord’s interest in us is deep and when we surrender to Him, he will let us have a good testimony.

The message: “I can do it through Christ who strengthens me,” is his strength amidst all challenges.


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