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Good News Paper | Editorial | January 2021 Issue


By Kate Tamale-Sali

We thank the Lord God Almighty for bringing us in the New Year 2021. We cannot afford to take our lives for granted and so, as we look forward to experiencing the New Year, with joy in our hearts and thanksgiving to God. Let us be reminded that He can make each one of us new in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 4:22-24).

 God holds the future and He has good plans for all of us (Jeremiah 29:11).

I am reminded of a story I was once told, of a ‘Talking Cup’ which would give an opinion on almost everything it ‘saw’.  The potter decided to change its shape while moulding it and straight away, it started complaining that it wanted to be moulded differently. But no matter how much it complained, the potter patiently and lovingly sculptured it into the shape he wanted and made it beautiful and useful according to his plan.

In Isaiah 64: 8, we read that Prophet Isaiah prayed: “But now you oh Lord, you are our father. We are the clay, and you are our potter. All of us are the work of your hands.”

This is so true! You and I never created ourselves but God did, in His image and in His likeness (Genesis 1:26). God made each one of us fearfully and wonderfully His image (Palms 139:14).

Even when we sinned and fell short of His glory, God, in His infinite love still sent His only begotten Son Jesus to come on Earth and die for all our sins. He wants all His creation to live eternally with Him. But you need to make a choice and repent, call on His name and ask Him to be Lord in your life (John 3:16-17).

My friend, God loves you unconditionally, with an everlasting love.

It is my prayer that you choose to make God our Creator and the Creator of the universe, the Lord of your life.


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