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Prayer, closeness with God eased my life


Emmanuel Caeser Simwende is an accomplished music teacher with specialty in musical instruments such as guitar, keyboard and jazz drums. He conducts his trade in schools and Churches. Simwende has trained gospel artistes like Florence Rukundo and the late Mark Elvis. He is passionate about serving God through music. Simwende shared his story with Lilian Ntege.

As a child, Simwende always wanted to serve God and desired keep close to Him.

At 17 years, he decided to join the Watoto Children’s Ministry to play the guitar and assist in the sound department.

For about three years, he gave his best at no pay until he turned 20 years old when the Church handed him his first pay check and facilitation fee for transport and upkeep.

One day, while he was at Church training children, the then principal of Victorious Education Services, recognised him and liked his work enthusiasm.

That marked a turning point for him. The principal offered him an opportunity to train pupils at his schools.

“I was really grateful for this opportunity. I felt like God had favoured me,” Simwende says.

After five years of working with Victorious Education Services, Simwende left to start a graphics designing business.

However, he says this business was not profitable for him and pushed him away from God. So, he quit and went back to training music at Victorious Schools and some Churches.


“I realised I was getting very little money and on top of that, working without getting any profits,” he says.

This time, everything seemed to work out for him as he started getting more training opportunities. He certainly knew he was on the right path- to serve God.

“This all showed me that my calling was to serve God and be close to him as I always prayed,” he says.

Joining Faith and Science
Simwende joined Faith and Science Ministries in 2009 through Ellen Eva, who was an administrator and director’s (Dr Edward Sali) secretary.

He had been working with her at Well of Hope Ministries. When an opportunity came up, she called him to volunteer.

He was put in charge of praise and worship, especially during the Gospel outreaches that happen every Thursday. He also works as a sound technician.

On how he works effectively, Simwende says he practises and rehearses all the songs he is to sing prior to the events.

He says he also ensures to come early for every session to avoid panic.

“I make sure I practise and select well all the songs that am to lead and worship before any programme starts,” he says.

Pr Samuel Namatiiti, the manager Faith and Science Ministries, says Simwende is a very dedicated person who has faithfully served ever since he joined the ministry.

“He has really done a great job, most especially whenever we go out to minister in rural areas.

“He deals with mechanical parts of the ministry as an assistant sound engineer and is good at it,” Pr Namatiiti says.

Staying close to God
Simwende says that prayer has improved his relationship with God, hence being obedient to serve.

“I feel like if did not pray, I would lose everything I have and would never succeed in what I do,” he says.

Simwende says staying closer to God will make difficult situations manageable because there is nothing He cannot change.

He alludes Genesis 1:27 when Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden and had everything they needed until they disobeyed God and run from His presence.

This was the beginning of their suffering. So Simwende advises Christians to keep closer to God and obey His commands; with this, they will not struggle.

Simwende believes that trusting in God will help one sail through smoothly even when the world gets bumpy.


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