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The little things you ignore count a great deal


By Michael Wadada

There are some levels and guidelines we should set for ourselves in case we want to be presentable in public.

These standards can be the basis on which we live our lives. Some may look at them as minor but they count a lot.

Your steps, your carriage, your aura, your presentation and your presence speak a lot about you because these are the qualities people look out for in someone and they may be determinants of how they approach you.

You can’t be looking like a “garden egg” and expect to be rated high.

How you communicate
While communicating with people, do not shy away from the person you are talking to. Look them straight in the eye and pass the message audibly.

Compose yourself well to avoid stuttering. This prevents the other party from stealing your confidence.

If you are not sure of what to say at that particular time, you don’t have to speak or give diminishing body language.

Instead, set your brain on fire and make it show on your face. If you don’t know how to express it, tell it in a story form.

It is confirmed that intelligent people tell a story out of every context because people resonate more with stories.

Also, remember that speaking for long gives room to make mistakes. So, be precise.

Having confidence may seem far-fetched, but it becomes a reality. (Source/LiveLikeKing)

Mend your confidence
How do you walk? How do you lift your legs? How do your shoulders swing along with your body?

A person with high self-esteem doesn’t drag their legs when walking. hey do not fling arms anyhow, and they don’t walk with their heads down.

As a man, let your chest be raised and your shoulders at their zenith. As a woman, walk giving a daredevil gaze and let your girdles do the rolling style.

What kind of clothes are you putting on? Well ironed or you are the “I don’t care” type?

I know of a friend who never irons their clothes claiming that she has the freedom to wear whatever and however she pleases. But who takes you seriously when you look shabby?

Are you wearing oversize or you are a body-fit person? Clothes contribute a great deal to confidence, if you do not feel good in whatever you are wearing, there is a chance that your confidence is tampered with.

Your clothes are the first focal point when you meet people.

Do you like your hair, what about your nails? Can you boldly throw out those hands for a handshake or they are not presentable?

Having confidence may seem far-fetched, but it becomes reality when some of these things are not taken for granted.

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