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Uganda Orthodox commemorates 2023 discovery of Jesus’ Cross


The Ethiopian Orthodox and Tewando Church Christians across the globe, especially those in Ethiopia and Eritrea, commemorated the discovery of the true Cross of Jesus Christ “Meskel”.

The festival is held on September 17, (Ethiopian Calendar), 27 or 28 (in leap year according to the Gregorian calendar).

In Uganda, the event was held at Medhanealem Church in Bunga, a renown Kampala suburb for its influx of Eritreans and Ethiopians.

In attendance was Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Uganda, H.E Estegent Yimenu Bezabih, alongside other dignitaries.

According to the faith teachings, the true Cross was discovered by the Roman Empress, Hellena of the Fourth Century from a dream revelation.

During the commemoration, a bonfire, traditionally known as “Chibo,” is lit to represent the light the Empress used to guide her to the true Cross, prayers and hymns are chanted as the flames illuminate.

Meskel is also a cultural event as it involves celebrating culture, sharing traditional meals and showcasing cultural wear and dances.


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