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Unpacking the book of Isaiah


By Rev. David Munobwa

Chapter 11 of  the book of Isaiah is one of the chapters that really contains clear explicit prophecy.  Having ended chapter 10 with the imagery of the destruction of Assyria as “a cut down forest” (Isaiah 10:34), Isaiah 11:1 alludes that out of the stump of Judah, a shoot will come up.

This shoot will come from Jessy, the father of king David (1 Samuel 16:1). The shoot is still referred to as a ‘branch’. As we read in Isaiah chapter 4, the branch is the messiah Jesus Christ, one of whose titles is “Son of David” (Matthew 1:1).

Jesus Christ, the son of David is to be anointed with fullness of the Spirit (of wisdom & understanding, counsel, power, knowledge and fear of the Lord). This was fulfilled at His baptism in Matthew 3:16.

Filled with the Spirit, He judges with righteousness and justice, not by what He see or hears . This challenges us to desist from judging others based on the standards of appearance or what we hear about them. It is a call to fairness and justice, without bigotry in our dealings.

Prince of peace
A very beautiful picture of the peace and tranquility to be released when Jesus will benevolently reign, is depicted in  Isaiah 11:6-9. Can you imagine the carnivorous wolf, leopard, lion and bear, living in peace and protection with the goat, lamb, cow and ox? Not only that, but a child putting a hand in the viper’s nest and is not harmed? 

When the prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6) is on the throne, God’s people will dwell in peace and safety. There will be no more harm or destruction. Oh, how I long for that day, do you?

Reference is made to the judgment day in verse 11-16. Jesus will stand as a banner (sign of victory) to the nations, drawing to himself all the remnants from the four corners of the earth, similar to the exodus from Egypt to the promised land.

 Even as we wait for that day, I pray that Jesus will be your banner today and deliver you from the hand of the enemy of any sort. May He draw you to Himself and enjoy His abundant life.  Hallelujah!



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