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Desist from taking DNA tests- Tinkasimire tells Christians


Buyaga West Member of Parliament, Barnabas Tinkasimire, has advised Christians not to rush to take Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) tests.

Tinkasimire made the call while addressing believers at Kyapyemi Healing Centre in Muhororo, Kagadi District on July 2.

“Because of the increasing number of fathers that are carrying out DNA tests on their children, many families have broken down and children are paying the price of one’s mistakes,” Tikasimire said.

“If we must carry out DNA tests on our children, let it be through a court order when we are trying to solve a conflict or wrangle within the family.”

Tinkasimire said children are supposed to be a blessing to the family, not playing instruments or a chess board for parents.

“I want to urge all parents not to neglect their children because of some paid work,” he added.

Using the same platform, Tinkasimire noted that the majority of the leaders at various levels in the country are silent about the increased number of teenage pregnancies that are recorded every year.

“Bushenyi and Kasese are some of the most civilized districts in the Western region, but it is so embarrassing to see the number of teenage pregnancies increasing in these districts,” he said.

DNA test has become a hot subject among Ugandans in the recent weeks as numerous laboratories establish businesses for the trade and encourage people to take the test.

So far, reports circulated by various media over the recent weeks reveal that many men have suffered a lot of frustration after conducting DNA tests on children they all along thought were theirs and finding that they are actually not of their gene.


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