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Give without expectation


By Brenda Owomugisha

Many people give offertory and help the needy all the time whether in Church or outside of it.

Many choose to make fanfare of the deed by bringing media attention to them while helping people.

Others choose to do it secretively without informing anyone.

I think they are all valid in their ways of helping because they give help to those who need it.

Although bringing media attention is frowned upon, the needy people still benefit from and that cannot be disputed.

People tend to criticise those who bring media and praise those who do it secretively.

Because this shows that they do not care about being seen or praised. It also shows how genuine a person is with their action.

But we do not know the hearts or intentions of those who help without informing anyone, we do not know what their agenda is.

I remember some time back, I used to always give a big amount of offertory whenever I went to Church. Whenever I passed by beggars in town, as long as I had money, I always gave them some.

Though I did this in public, I did not intend for the public to see me.

I wanted to help the beggars because I sympathised with them, but I also had other agendas.

I truly believed that the more I helped and gave offertory, the more God would reward me.

I thought God gives someone according to how they help. I was helping not because I wanted to help them, but for myself to benefit from the blessings in the future.

It was not until recently that I realised how wrong that mentality is.

I should help without expecting anything in return. I was selfish in turning people’s misfortune into my gains. I also did not know that God does not work like that.

God loves people who give and help without expecting anything else in return.

The best example is Jesus. He suffered all the ridicule, was crucified and died because of our sins without expecting anything in return.

He saved all humanity with that deed alone. And that is more than we will ever do for anyone in this world.

Therefore, some of the people who help others without informing anyone are not necessarily better than those who call for attention and brag about it.

It is just we do not know what they are thinking when helping.

Helping should be done because you really want to help. That is what God does for us every day, and we should do it for others too.

I am glad I learnt from my situation to always give with a pure heart, not according to expectation.

We should teach the younger generations the importance and correct way of giving.

Teach them to be like parents who toil and struggle to provide for them, without expecting them to pay back. They do it out of pure parental love.

That is the kind of selflessness that is respected in the eyes of God.

We should treat everyone we help as our children, helping them unconditionally.

The author is a UMCAT graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication,


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