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Hannah’s prayer


Hannah’s prayer is so special, and there is a lot we can learn from it.

It was a good time to celebrate. The Lord had opened Hannah’s womb and given her a child, Samuel.

Hannah who had previously come to the temple crying was now back, singing songs of praise to God.

God had answered her prayer. She fulfilled her vow by bringing Samuel back to the temple to give him back to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:27-28).

Hannah’s rival, Peninnah had provoked her because she was unable to have children, yet Peninnah had sons and daughters (1 Samuel 1:2).

When Hannah prayed, God blessed her with more than she asked for.   In 1 Samuel 2:5, we read: “The childless woman now has seven children, and the woman with many children now wastes away.”

For His power, Hannah honours God as the one who gives death, bringing some down to the grave but also one who gives life and raises others up (1 Samuel 2:6-7). Hannah witnessed God’s power in her life, she set her hope and trust in Him and He answered her prayer.


To those who are proud and haughty and speak with arrogance, God knows what we do and He will judge our actions (1 Samuel 2:3).

God answers prayer and punishes the wicked. Hannah recognises God’s divine retribution and says the bow of the mighty is now broken and those who stumbled are now strong. (1 Samuel 2:4)

She was weak once and her rival Peninnah caused her grief but now the Lord had strengthened her. 1 Samuel 1:7 says, “Whenever Hannah went up to the House of the Lord, her rival provoked her till she wept and would not eat.”

But now in Hannah’s prayer she says, those who were well fed are now starving, and those who were starving are now full (1 Samuel 2:5).

For His justice, Hannah honours a God who lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump. He sets them among princes, placing them in seats of honour (1 Samuel 2:8).

God is always in control. Hannah glorifies the Lord as being in control of everything and how it unfolds. She declares: “For the earth is the Lord’s and He has set the world in order” (1 Samuel 2:8).

With God all things are possible. Hannah’s situation seemed impossible.

She cried out to God and our good Father in Heaven answered her prayer beyond what she had prayed for. The bible teaches us that God always hears us when we pray.

Hannah believed God and received what she had asked of Him. Like Hannah, will you say a prayer and ask God to do for you the impossible?

Only believe and you will testify, praising God just like Hannah.

Be blessed.

Arvin Kaufman


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