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How prayer, devotion led to Nakayiza’s healing


By Lilian Ntege

Angella Nakayiza, 17, had been suffering from an unknown illness since 2015. She was in her Primary Seven vacation when she started feeling weak, and her mother decided to take her for medical check-up.

 “I went to a private clinic along Bombo road where I was diagnosed with malaria and was given treatment. But for close to two weeks, there was no improvement; I was instead getting worse,” Nakayiza says.

 While she thought she was just being impatient, Nakayiza then started developing itchy rash that covered up her entire body. She ignored the rash until it got worse and went back to seek medical attention.

After examination, the doctor told her that she had an allergic reaction which would fade with time. She, however, stayed hopeful trusting the doctor’s words but it worsened as her skin started swelling.

Life in secondary school

 When she joined St Bernard Secondary School Manya, Nakayiza was always mocked by students for having a bad skin and generally being in poor health. 

Having faith in the healing Hand of God, she always prayed and knew God would heal her.  However, the condition worsened and she also started losing her hair

“I spent my whole form one being oppressed by some students at school most especially in third term. I had become so weak, my skin became more swollen, and I was scratching myself every minute. Students would always say I had cancer which always physically tortured me, but deep down in my heart I had a belief that sickness was not part of my life and that it would one day come to an end,” she says.

Condition worsens

Regardless of what she was going through, Nakayiza waited and believed in the healing power of God.

During holidays, her mother took her to Rubaga Hospital for further consultation because she had started developing wounds that were recurring, some took long to heal.

When tests were done, Nakayiza was told there was no particular sickness found in her body but that it might have been an effect of wrong medication by the first doctor she went to. 

She was advised to go back to that particular doctor for more inquiries about the medication she was given first, but this caused friction between the doctors  and her mother.

Regarding to this doctor’s response, Nakayiza realised he was negligent while he administered treatment to her the first time. They had to let the issue pass and opt for more consultations elsewhere because he was their family friend. 

She explains: “Mummy and I decided to rest the case so as to avoid any anticipated wrangles and decided to focus on healing. I also chose not to dwell on his carelessness and forgave him.

When she went to Mulago National Referral Hospital to see a skin specialist, she was also told that her condition was a reaction to a type of drug that had been administered to her, same results she got from Rubaga Hospital.

She was given tablets that were said to treat her illness in a couple of weeks, but there was no change still.   

 They decided to also try Kadic Hospital which had been referred to her mother by her friends. Nonetheless, they were given the same medication that she had been given at Mulago. She hoped to get better in months, but all was in vain. She was gradually getting crippled.  

Keeping the faith

 “My mother insisted on prayer and regularly took me to Church. I got closer to God and learnt a lot from the Pastor who also prayed for me,” she says.

She prayed and fasted even when she was too weak to do so. With her mother by her side, Nakayiza never lost hope in God’s healing.

 Early this year she started experiencing change in her body.  Her skin started healing and she started to walk without support. 

She excitedly says: “I got a lot of change and can never stop thanking God, I hope to resume studies after six years of being bedridden and believe l can fulfil my dream of becoming a medical doctor.

“I have gained my confidence back and I can now move on my own without support. I also regained my hair back that had disappeared, all friends and family who had rejected me have come back and I also started attending church.”

She encourages Christians to believe in God because they will never be disappointed.


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