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Love is source of success


By Pr Isaiah White


 story is told of a woman who came out of her house and saw three old men with long white beards, sitting in her front yard. She could not recognise but still invited them into her house to eat. 

They hesitated and insisted they would only enter her house if her husband was present. When her husband returned home in the evening, she told him what had happened. 

He then sent her to invite them in.  They still insisted that they could not enter altogether and introduced themselves as Wealth, Success and Love.

They then asked her which one of the three she would like to come in her house. She went in again and discussed with her husband and he was over joyed.  He quickly suggested that they invite Wealth, his wife suggested they invited Success, but their daughter-in-law, who had been listening to their conversation, suggested that they invite Love, explaining that their home would be filled with love.

They all agreed to their daughter-in-law’s suggestion and the woman went out and asked Love to come in.  

When Love got up and started walking toward the house, the other two also got up and followed him. 

The woman was surprised and asked why the rest were coming in with Love yet she had invited only him. The old men replied that if she had invited Wealth or Success, the other would have stayed out, but since she invited Love, they had to go with him. This implies that wherever there is Love, there is Wealth and Success.

The world and success

We live in a world where financial success is a powerful motivator. The meaning of life is drawn and determined by your material net worth. Materialism controls the lives of the majority and the pursuit is always about what one can get when and how.

Occupations are chosen based on how much one can earn and material income dictates how time, energy, and resources are spent. To have a successful relationship is largely connected to what you have materially and less on the kind of person you are.

Family time schedule is ordained by the pursuit of wealth and success. This is why in the modern world, many children have been raised by housemaids and schools/daycare centres, because their parents are too busy to parent. The crime rate in this world is also largely due to wealth and success. The world is in a rush and the pursuit of life is happiness and not being useful.

If three men stood and asked anyone in the present world who to invite into their home, there is a big possibility that they would all invite Wealth and Success at the expense of Love.

To our world, success and wealth lead to love, instead of love leading to success and wealth. 

Love is the reason

The daughter-in-law believed in Love, and her faith was that having love equals to having the other two as well. She also believed that even if the other two did not come with Love, Love was sufficient for a meaningful life.

She knew there are wealthy and successful individuals who feel unfulfilled because they lack Love.

With love, life is very meaningful.  Without love, money loses value. Money makes sense in the hands of lovers and the reason we do whatever we do is because we are in love. 

Love is more important than money. When you are working hard to provide for yourself and your family, your motivation can only be born in love. Without love there is little to inspire you to work harder or to have nicer things.

Love is not just an emotional experience, but a standard attitude towards the people and the environment around you.

The ability to love your environment  starts at a place of the quality of love you have for yourself (Matthew 22:39).

To live a successful and meaningful life is to learn how to love. God has called us to love: first, to love Him (Matthew 22:37), secondly to love our neighbours and enemies (Matthew 22:39, 5:44), (John 13:34-35).


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