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New Year comes with new blessings


By Sarah Kyomugisha

Entering a new year is like entering a new era. There is little certainty about what lies ahead.

It is like a child being born into the world or an adult changing to a new place where everything has to be adopted and life is to start all over again.

A new year is quite challenging at times. But I believe it challenges us to be hopeful and keep pushing on, because bad or good, we have to start afresh.

Regardless of what is going on in our individual lives or around the globe, being able to make it to another year is itself a blessing.

The past two years have proven challenging because of the Covid-19 pandemic which claimed many lives.

2020; a year which was greatly anticipated by many because of the ‘20’ syllable, shifted the hopes of the world.

Churches were closed, economies shuttered, over 4,000 teenage girls impregnated across Uganda, and Kampala bombed.

Worse still, Uganda has already registered cases of the new Omicron Variant of the Corona Virus, a development which is driving many people to panic.

However, the good news is; God makes everything new. Therefore, we can only hope for restoration in the New Year.

My hardships
I personally faced many hardships this past year. In March 2021, I saw my life falling apart because of broken relationships.

I wished that God could turn back time and perhaps give me a second chance to change the situation I was in.

In those dark times, I prayed hard and told God to plant my feet on higher grounds. Indeed He made a way at the end and I emerged victorious.

How many times have we wished time could go back? Did we keep our faith amidst those difficult situations?

The good news is; the New Year has come with new blessings. As the Isaiah 43:19 reveals; “Behold, I am doing a new thing; … I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Since Jesus Christ has been born in our lives, we are indeed destined for greatness. Confession is possession. Claim your victory in the year 2022.

In Genesis, God gave us power over the Earth. So, we have to act like blessed co-heirs with Christ (Genesis 1:28).

Have courage
Starting a new year calls for courage and determination. This is not for the faint hearted.

It requires you to leave your past challenges behind, learn from what the previous years have taught you, and carry a positive attitude in 2022.

As earthly people, we have to constantly pray and cling unto God because He holds all that we want in His hands.
This year is a fresh beginning for you, enjoy it.


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