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Operate under the will of God


By Charles Natuhamya 

Many a times, I have overheard the belief of how God answers every prayer a believer makes regardless of the kind of requests therein. People who have this school of thought argue that God can never say “no” to His sons and daughters. Yes, I believe we are God’s children, and there exists a child-father relationship between us and God. But let’s ponder this for a while. Can a loving father give in to every request presented by his children? If you are a parent, can you just give your children whatever they ask for regardless of whether it’s harmful or not?

I don’t think so. For example, no loving parent can give excess sweets even when their children crave them simply because eating a lot of sweets can harm their teeth. This doesn’t mean such parents have no love for their children; instead, it signifies they love their children so much that they can’t give them what’s detrimental. This is the same thing with our relationship with our Father in Heaven. He loves us so much that sometimes He says “no” to what we yearn for, knowing that such things are not good for us. Hence, the need to operate under the will of God.

Much as it might not be what we desire, the will of God still remains the best. Let me share a personal scenario. I once prayed for something I thought was the best version ever. Not getting it at that time would mean either God did not love me or I would never be happy without it. Of course that wasn’t true. But after a while, I got a clear message from God that it wasn’t the best for me. You know God speaks once, but we tend to hear twice sometimes. Even after a confirmation from God that I wasn’t in for the right thing, I went ahead and perused my selfish desire. This is the hardest lesson I have ever learnt concerning submitting to the will of God.

A few months later, I realized the much desired request wasn’t the best for me. Though I wanted it so much at first, I later learnt that it was God’s will that was best for me. I remember crying out to God to take the cup away from me. I even complained as to why God had allowed such to happen to me. Of course I was falsely blaming God since He had warned me in advance. It is common for us believers to whine and complain after failing to get what we thought was the best for us. In such times, we forget the fact that everything works out for our good. Have you ever realized God promised never to leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:8, Joshua 1:5)?

This means even when He seems to be silent to us after crying to Him for intervention, He has not forsaken us. Our Father is always there for us. God never takes vacations and has never been on a working leave. Here is what I would recommend to everyone reading this text: Let us put God on the driver’s seat. And while He is in control, let’s quit giving Him instructions on how He should do His job. Personally, the time I quit wondering and trying to reason out as to why God allows certain things to happen the way they do, I found peace. Knowing that everything works out for good to those He has loved and called has helped me stop questioning circumstances of life. I invite you to do the same. I guarantee you will be more peaceful than you have ever been.


The writer is a Research and Data Analysis Expert.


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