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Pr Njoroge and his quest for the Word of God


By Michael Kanaabi

Pastor Anthony Kigwi Njoroge and his wife Miriam Kigwi Njoroge are dedicated to impacting this generation for Christ, through spreading the Gospel.

This spiritual journey has taken them across borders from their homeland in Kenya to Uganda and other neighbouring countries, where they have preached the Gospel, planted Churches and mentored future leaders.

Pr Njoroge (right) with his wife, Miriam Kigwi Njoroge. (Photo/Courtesy)

Coming to Kampala
Pastor Njoroge came to Uganda in 2011, and spent five years pastoring Mavuno Church Kampala.

The Church started at the indoor stadium at Lugogo, moved to Garden city, Nakumatt Oasis lounge, Kampala Parents School, and then Uganda Museum, where the congregation currently meets.

“The congregation was about 50 when we begun. However, by the time we went back to Nairobi in 2015, we had over 700 members,” Pastor Njoroge says.

He adds that their quest is to take the Church to the community, unlike what many conventional Churches do, which is trying to attract the community to Church.

“The way Church is run and the way the Gospel of Jesus is spread to the people has to evolve, however the message remains the same. So we chose to go where the people who need Christ are; for example we had a band night in a popular bar,” he says.

Some Christians in Uganda felt Mavuno was secularising the body of Christ, something Pastor Njoroge simply laughs at.

Returning to Uganda
The Njoroges seem not to have left Uganda completely, as they have returned a couple of times since their official departure in 2015.

Just like Mavuno means ‘harvest’ in Swahili, for the Njoroges, the harvest goes on.

“Dr Edward Tamale Sali and his wife, Kate Sali, have been partners with us in ministry since the days we were leading Mavuno Church, Kampala.

We have been prayer partners with them in regard to their expansion of their hospital outside Uganda,” Pastor Njoroge says.

He emphasises that their partnership entails supporting a number of ministries, helping former ministers handle life after ministry, planting Churches, plus mentoring young leaders.

Back home in Nairobi
Since 2015, when the Njoroges moved back to Nairobi, they have remained serving on the Executive team of Mavuno Church and will continue to do so as the Lord leads them.

Pr Njoroge

Personal life
Pastor Njoroge’s dream was to become a professional banker. However, as a young Christian at the age of 18 years, God spoke to him about being a Gospel minister, something he had never really considered.

After high school, he missed out on joining University, and while contemplating on going to College for a Diploma, his father confirmed what God had personally spoken to Njoroge earlier.

“My dad reminded me of my genuine love and compassion towards people and helping them, so he said I was called to be a Minister, confirming what God had spoken,” he says.

He obliged and enrolled to East African School of Theology, where he did a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Bible Studies. Consequently, at 24 years of age, Njoroge begun serving God full time and has never looked back.

Meeting his wife
He says he met his wife while leading the Children’s ministry of the Church where they served together.

“I found her exceptional and proposed to her, and so we got married in 2009,” Pr Njoroge says.

Njoroge has also consistently supported his wife to fulfil her calling as a professional counsellor, something he says is key to fulfilment in marriage.

Christian dating
When it comes to dating the Christian way, Njoroge emphasises that God and His standards must be at the centre of it all.

When it comes to marriage, he says first of all build a friendship and be genuine friends. He points out that praying together as a couple and family has helped them grow as a couple.

Taking time off regularly to build memories together is also good. Ensure to celebrate things like birthdays and anniversaries.

He advises also that creating an environment as a couple that enables you to be free with each other is also helpful.

Getting the balance
In regard to success in life and career, Pastor Njoroge emphasises faithfulness in one’s purpose and the pursuit of significance above self as this attracts God’s blessing.

He emphasises the fact that there is never a perfect balance.

“It is about having priorities and for me, my marriage and family are my priority, then comes my ministry,” he says.

Current pursuits
Njoroge is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Organisational Leadership at the Pan African University in Kenya, and leads a movement called On ward Africa Cohort, aimed at raising and grooming young Christian leaders to bring Godly influence and revival to all spheres of society.


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