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Unpacking the book of Isaiah


By Rev David Munobwa

 If you have read Isaiah 10:1-34, I congratulate you for killing a giant. It is the second longest chapter of  this book. Now let us unpack it:

In Isaiah 10: 1-4, Isaiah continues with woes, this time against those who are unjust  and oppress the poor and widows, making those vulnerable groups their “prey” and robbing them. God gives special attention to the poor, orphans and widows. When you are  in any leadership position, be careful how you deal with them, otherwise your day or reckoning (punishment) is near  Let us check ourselves.

God promises another judgement to the Assyrians ( Isaiah 10:5-19), whom He used to punish Israel and Judah for angering Him. What annoyed God was the arrogance of Assyria, taking pride in the victories He permitted and thinking it was their strength & power

God teaches us that a tool or instrument can never be more powerful than it’s user. You need to  acknowledge God and His grace in your accomplishments.

In all of God’s judgement and destruction, there is always a ‘remnant’ (Isaiah 10: 20-23).  Being a remnant comes out of trusting and being faithful to God amidst calamity, trials, temptations and persecution. I pray that wherever you are, you will be a remnant!

God’s anger against His people would end and direct it to those who destroyed them (Isaiah 10: 27-34). He will take away the yoke or burden from the shoulders of His people. As you remain faithful to God, amidst all trials and persecutions of this lockdown, I pray that you will live to witness the hand of God against your enemies until they submit to your God! Hallelujah!!!



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