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What do you desire most in life?


By Michael Wadada

Three years of observing this man made me approach him one morning to ask some questions. We occasionally exchanged pleasantries. So, he knew me.

I greeted him and, midway into our conversation, I asked why his life seemed too monotonous and predictable.

He leaves home for his business in the morning and returns in the evening, keeping the same schedule over the years.

“Mike, I have my wife and two kids. A house and good business. That is enough for me. I am okay, and I don’t want much,” he said.

“This is my life. I spend on my kids and wife. My wife spends on us, too, when she can. But I am just your everyday family man.”

“Don’t you want more from life?” I asked him.

“More? What more can I ask for? Millions of people like me in this country are upright citizens, devoted family people who go about their struggles in silence.

“Big aspirations are not my thing. I want this quiet life with my family. They give me a reason to keep living and remaining focused as I grow old. Maybe a drink or two with mates once in a while, and that is it,” he replied.

While we were talking, his son walked up to collect the car key. I asked him what he planned to do since he was done with school.

“I want to travel around the world, Uncle Mike. You know, see people and maybe start my own company one day. I want to fly around the world for important meetings and meet important people.

“I want to be one of those who decide what happens in the world or at least this country.

“So I have big aspirations, and I am not afraid to go anywhere or put in work to do what needs to be done so I can be on top,” he said.

As he walked away, I looked at his father. We smiled. “He will be travelling to Australia next month,” his father said, before adding: “He has big dreams and wants so much out of life.

“I will support him as much as I can and hope his dreams come true.”

What makes difference
Some people are like this man. They have an ordinary and easily predictable life, doing what needs to be done with no desire for the spotlight.

They only want to make a living, be there for their family and enjoy their small wins with those they love. But others are like his son. They want it big and loud, and can go the length to make it happen.

As you go about your activities and encounter people, keep in mind where they fall and where you fall so you won’t be expecting a world-class life from someone who only desires a neighbourhood life.

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