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Chicken Luwombo


By Lilian Ntege

Luwombo is a traditional Ugandan and Baganda dish cooked within banana leaves.

Being parties’ favourite, Luwombo could be one of the best meal to put on your recipe plan this festive season.

Preparing Luwombo involves a lot of detailed process that require a wide variety of ingredients and careful wrapping of the mixture.

Luwombo can be prepared in various sauces, but for this particular issue, we are looking at chicken luwombo.
Chef Nakanywaji Phiester, takes us through the process of preparing delicious chicken luwombo.

– 1 whole chicken
– 6 Irish potatoes
– ¼ cup peas
– ¼ cup french beans
– 1 big carrot
– 2 medium sized tomatoes
– 1 greenpepper
– 1 Red and yellow pepper
– 2 pieces garlic gloves
– 2 medium sized onions
– Royco cubes
– 5 luwombo banana leaves
– 4 Banana leaves
– Chicken masala
– Royco
– Blackpepper powder
– Salt
– 3 tablespoons margarine / Cow ghee
– Cotmeal

Chicken Luwombo could be a great way to spice up your weekend.

– Clean the chicken at least thrice and remove unwanted parts both inside and outside, then leave it to dry a bit.
– Light you charcoal stove and pre-roast it until golden brown, while covering on a banana leaf. Do not put banana peelings.
– Heat your saucepan with cooking oil, then add in your onions and blended garlic.
– Add in your tomatoes, carrots, green pepper and more garlic, then stir fry until they have softened.
– Add some salt, then your cotmeal and continue stir frying.
– Put in your cowpeas, French beans, Irish potatoes, chicken masala, and continue stir frying.
– Dissolve aside Royco, black pepper powder and chicken masala in little water then put it in your mixture, stir fry then let it boil for five minutes.
– Leave it to cool, then get your basket, put in three banana fibres crossing through each other.
– Cut some small outlets on your chicken, smear on it salt and margarine, both in the inside, outside the outlets.
– Pack your sauce inside the chicken till it is full.
– Put the remaining in your luwombo banana leaf, add the chicken, then wrap.
– In your saucepan, put banana stalks with water, then banana leaves.
– Put in your wrapped chicken luwombo and cover it well with banana leaves.
– Put on fire and cook for at least three-to-four hours until it is ready, then serve.
– You can serve it with any food of your choice and enjoy with your family.


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