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Jesus Christ calls us into relationship, not religion


By Pr Isaiah White

There are many definitions of religion, and I believe you know of at least one. Here is my defi nition of religion: Religion is the science of managing society [by] capitalising on either its (society) greed, hunger, or ignorance through fear, sentiments and promises. Most religions consider sin a moral problem and believe good behaviour can vindicate a sinner.

Religions are, in nature, power-oriented businesses; the power of religion is exercised through three instruments: 1-Tradition (policy) 2-Ritual (doctrine) 3-Economy (money and institutional infrastructure). In religion man strikes a deal with God; man has to obey and God has to depend on man’s performance

through self-denial. These rites could range from fasting days and months, night prayers, pilgrimage, offerings and sacrifices, observing days and festivals, dietary requirements, dress-codes, body cuttings, shavings, ritual births, etcetera.

Religious people participate in all these religious rituals and in return, God has to reward man with material wealth now and with heaven (for eternity). Religion is a transaction where God and man are equal participants with equivalent contribution.

That is why in religion people behave to their last breath so that in the final judgment day, they ‘deserve’ heaven. In religion, people are taught they would be judged based on their works. Eventually, this makes it a performance-based doctrine. In religion, you have to do what you can, and then

God finds out whether you qualify. Religions front their traditions and polity at the expense of what the Bible says. Religion reads the Bible deductively and develops its own doctrines and makes booklets.

In many mainstream religions people don’t read their Bibles, but small booklets from their publishing houses. Ideally, it is not what the Bible says that matters but what the preacher says or his interpretation of the Bible. Religions design infrastructures and are masters of institutionalism.

They build exclusive systems that apparently demean some while promoting others. During the early days of Jesus Christ’s ministry, the religion of Judaism taught that those who were not Jews could not be saved until they were at least proselytes.

It is this systematic thinking of Judaism that Jesus Christ always provoked until He launched a movement known as Christianity. Christianity is the universal Church of God which is scattered everywhere in the world. God has no religion, and we should stop ‘religionising’ Him.

I am not demonising your container (religion); I am emphasising the fact that Jesus Christ died for no religion but for you and me. Give your life to Jesus Christ, and you won’t have to walk 500 kilometers while someone who flies in a plane or drives to the same place is still ‘holier’ than you.

You don’t have to be judged for failing to fulfill one of your religion’s rites due to your economic status. Religion doesn’t save; Jesus Christ does. Jesus calls us not into a religion but relationship. So start one with Him today. You may ask me how.



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