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Mind what you wear to Church


By Pr Patricia Ron

Believing that our outward appearance is a reflection of our hearts and minds, it is Godly for us, Christians, to exercise good taste and judgment in the attire we wear to Church.

Through our clothing, make-up, and hairstyles, we either draw the attention of God’s people to the Lord or away from Him.

There is a Church notion of “come as you are”. It is true we do not need to be perfect before acknowledging Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

But this notion is, to a larger extent, misused, especially when people want to do things that gratify their bodily desires.

It is Christian enough to realize that while you may be free to wear any cloth as and when you please, certain clothes are more appropriate for particular events and places than others.

Because the type of cloth you wear influences public perception of who you are, their attitude and behavior towards you, the following dress codes are acceptable for Church:

Long clothes are more appropriate for Churches. (Photo/Pinterest)
  1. Modest clothes: These are decent dresses that do not attract attention to or expose too much of your body.
    The Bible reveals to us that men are tempted to lust by what they see (Matthew 5:28).
    This implies women should dress in manners that do not tempt. Clothes that are too short, above the knee (Exodus 28:42, Isaiah 47:2), too tight, form fitting, too low trousers, revealing more than proper are not modest.
    Our clothes should not just be comfortable or stylish, but Godly too.
  2. Appropriate: This means clothes that are suitable for particular use or occasion. What is appropriate for sports, for instnace, cannot be appropriate for office.
    Every Christian should strive to offer their best to God, not what is convenient or comfortable for them.
  3. Difference: Christians should differ from worldly fashions. There are styles that may be popular, but communicate worldly sloppiness, sensuality, and sexual suggestion, among others.
    Believers should dress differently from worldly people because they are the mirrors through which God’s glory is seen.
  4. Deference: This refers to yielding to the judgment or opinion of a person or people in higher positions with courtesy.
    Romans 14: 1- 13 and 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 explain this.
    In conclusion, therefore, true Christians should never take their outward appearance and dressing for granted because it affects public opinion of them and their faith.

The writer is a pastor at Miracle World Ministries, Mukono. 0759311103/0773609792.


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