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Secure your life in God


By Isaiah T. White

We are living in a broken, fallen and disobedient world, but God will have mercy on individuals. We are asking everyone to put their houses (lives) in order and the only way to do it is by believing Jesus Christ – believing that you are saved by grace through faith alone, not by works lest any man should boast.

This pandemic has taught us what matters in life and what we can live without. Most of the things you thought mattered, the people you knew to be important, the projects that occupied your mind, the cheerleaders, the ambitions, etc. are all no more, or redefined and redirected.

Christian ministries will be reshaped, jobs renegotiated, and residences changed after this Covid-19 pandemic. There will be a world rearrangement which will make no sense to anyone who hasn’t reinvented themselves.

Now that you know your car doesn’t matter as your healthy body, make it a point even after this pandemic to walk or ride on a bicycle to work.

Changing routines, behaviour

Now that you know you can spend a week at home while not sick, please ensure weekly days off (not weekends) and stay at home with your family. Now that you know you can spend a day without food and stay alive, will you exercise dietary temperance and occasional fasting for your body cleansing?

Now that you have fellowshipped at home and worshipped with your spouse and children as you have never, will you please continue doing the same with your family? Bring church to your home! Have you ever thought about hosting the church at your home? Well, I am telling you after this pandemic, do.

Now that you have been and are still alone in that house with money and food but without someone, do you see how marriage matters in contrast to the modern corporate single life? You need a husband my sister; brother you need a wife. Stop giving excuses; you were created to socialise with your opposite kind.

Marrieds, do you see how all along you thought things were okay just because you were living at a distance? The ‘Corona social distance’ indoors has exposed your problem-solving approaches. You are now spending much time with your spouse, whom your work had always ‘saved’ you from.

After this you are either going to live happily ever after, or you are actually waiting for the lockdown to end so that you can divorce. Now you know the sustainability of your economic setting. Your job only pays when you are present. Most donor countries are the most attacked and, therefore, are using what they would have given you for their survival.

Dear pastor, all along you have been too busy to answer phone calls from your flock. In fact, you had a personal assistant to help you answer most of those phone calls. Now do you see how you are dealing with people? How you are counseling them through the phone; how you are praying for them…?

Don’t you think you need to review your ministerial approach? To those who love movies, so far you have already watched 50 of them while you sleep at 2:00am. Sister, brother; can’t you read? Okay if you can’t read, can’t you at least listen to audio books, or watch educative documentaries as you take notes?

Leaders, especially presidents, have kept mastering the art of leadership. They communicate to the people often and immediately implement resolutions. There is no longer any implementation paralysis. There is no longer opposition for the sake of opposition.

In fact, the opposition is sending support (not criticism) to the incumbent to curb a global problem. Citizens beyond their taxes are gifting the government to support the fight against Covid-19.

Believe in Him

Have you heard of a case in Uganda where leaders stole relief funds? Well our problem is sin and its consequence – death. It is this sin and its power (death) that God got incarnate, died, and resurrected to save us from. Thus, what God wants of you as an individual is to believe Him and secure your life in Him (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22 and Revelation 21:1.

God bless you. I invoke truth, wisdom and faith (2Tim2:7)



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