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Unpacking Isaiah 25:1-12


Away from the direct judgements a little bit, Isaiah in chapter 25 displays praise to God for the fulfilled  plans of salvation and judgement from long ago. Praise comes from the attitude of gratitude for what God has done.The city mention in verse 2 represents world cultures. Indeed many were destroyed during Isaiah’s days and others on the last day.

The poor and needy always suffered at the hands of the ruthless tyrants of the world. The breath of the ruthless is compared to a “storm”. But the Lord was, is and will always be a refuge and shelter for the oppressed. The day of reckoning for the oppressors is at hand, they will be silenced (on the day of the Lord).

Verses 6 and 8 present a heavenly scene of celebration. All people point to the Lord’s grace of salvation  regardless of race or tribe. What a wonderful feast it will be. On that day,  our last enemy, death will be swallowed up and destroyed.

That means we will no longer die but live forever – hallelujah! See Revelation. 21:4 and 1Corrinthians 15:54
But which people will partake of the heavenly eternal life? Those who trusted Him. Because they will say, “this is our God, we trusted in Him and He saved us” Those who live by faith.

While those will be celebrating, the enemies who opposed and disobeyed God (symboled here as Moab) will be trampled down, their pride brought down  and utterly destroyed.

Dear friend, there is still an opportunity to join those who will celebrate forever (if you have not), by accepting Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and  begin to live by faith! 



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