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Unpacking Isaiah 26:1-21


Chapter 26 is a song of praise that will be sung on “that day”, the Day of the Lord – when the reign of Christ Jesus is established. God showed to Isaiah the future events of that great day.

In verse 6 Isaiah pens down words of confidence in the Lord. Those who trust in Him will enjoy perfect peace. No wonder Jesus is spoken of as the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). Even as we journey on this earth, moments of distress and turmoil come our way, but when we focus our mind on Him, we experience that perfect peace even is turbulent times.

It is fascinating to see how God keeps showing His grace to the wicked, but they keep ignoring it and continue doing evil. 

We should not wait for God’s judgement to be forced to turn to God. His grace is available to bring us to righteousness.

Another end time phenomenon is given in verse 19. A solid proof of life after death. The earth shall give up the dead and God’s people shall rise with new imperishable bodies (1 Corrinthians15:50-53). Do you still say there is no resurrection?

Isaiah ends this song with a caution, the Lord is coming from Heaven on that day to punish people of the earth for their sins, and no one will hide. Have you settled your accounts with God? Are you counted among the guilty? Embrace His saving grace and be counted among the righteous. 



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