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Unpacking Isaiah 20:1-6


By Rev David Munobwa

The oracle in Isaiah 20 which is against Egypt and Cush, is more of a sign of what would happen to the two nations. You will sympathise with the man of God Isaiah, whom God commanded to demonstrate what would happen to Egypt and Cush.

“Take off your sackcloth from your body and sandals…” (Isaiah 20:2). That was the message to Isaiah and he obeyed, walking naked for 3 years, signifying the calamity and shame to befall Egypt and Cush.

Ministers of God, are you  ready to obey in complete faith, even when God asks you to do something that appears irrational?

The prophecy (sign) was two fold in it’s significance: (1) God, through Isaiah, was demonstrating the embarrassment Egypt would face at the hands of Assyria. (ii) He was also communicating to the people of Judah who relied on Egypt and Cush for help, that their trust was in a wrong source.

At times, when God wants to capture our attention to Him, He will frustrate your purported source of hope and strength, so that you can look to Him alone. Nothing can ever take the place of God in our lives for protection, provision and  sustainability, nothing! Hallelujah.



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